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Our main 'phone number is +44 (0)207 580 5880.    Our Bookings Desk is generally open (UK) 08.30-18.30 weekdays

Ex-BBC sound engineer Geoff Oliver created The Sound Company in 1993. In 1998, thanks to our many loyal clients, we were able to buy the freehold and expand our operations throughout our current 6,500 sq ft location.
Our Victorian building was once the All Souls girls poor school. This has led to our studios being somewhat quirky. A good thing we're told! Our facilities have been designed to the needs of clients, rather than us dictating the way clients have to work.

Amy BOOKINGS     Charlie
Amy Oliver
Bookings Manager,
and a Director of the company.
(Currently on sick leave)


Chris Charles (aka Charlie)


Studio One - Aidan Lyons
Studio Two - Luke Nagy
Assistant T.O.M.
Studio Three - Dom Boucher
Technical Operations Manager
Aidan, Studio 1


Studio 2, Luke


Studio 3, Dom


Studio Five - Suzy Robins Studio 6 - Dan Stirling Studio 7 - Gareth Wood
Studio 5, Suzy


Studio 6, Dan


Studio 7, Gareth


Bookings Assistant
Becca Collins
Technical/Head Runner
Alan Leer
Bookkeeper (Wales)
Christine Thomas





Geoff Oliver
Managing Director/Founder
Hilary Oliver
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