The Sound Company

Welcome to The Sound Company Ltd

Established in 1993 we major on technical quality, strong client support and ethical business practices.



We charge for some "extras" in order to keep the basic studio rates as low as possible for the majority of clients who may not need any extras. This seems to be the fairest way.

If you are new to this type of business we'll do our best to hold your hand through the processes. If you've used other studios previously, we may do things differently (hopefully better!) - or charge differently. In either case, it can be vital to your session that you read this page and take note of the points below...

- If you are planning to use pictures at all - see the "Video Specs" link above. It can make all the difference to a session working - or not!

- Please add * to your white list, or ask your IT department. Ditto for * to receive our invoices.

- Brief rates: Wild voice record/edit 130 p/h, to picture 150. Source Connect Pro or 2-line ISDN - 150 - add 20 p/h if to pic. Plus VAT

- Please confirm your session by email, naming voices and others who will be attending - plus your requirements/deadlines.

- Need the recordings cleaned/edited, or converted to a different format? Standard Broadcast audio levels or louder for multi-media?

- We charge "as confirmed" plus any over-runs. O/runs are only possible if the studio doesn't have a following session.

- Allow a few mins at the start of your session for adjusting mic positions/taking levels. At the end allow for consolidating & exporting.

- Blistering File Transfers @ 100 MB/s - above 10MB, 10 per 500MB. HTTP/FTP/Email - download or upload.

- Sessions start only on the hour or half-hour. Out Of Hours fees are applicable outside Mon-Fri 9-6

- Outgoing phone patches and ISDN calls - are charged.

- For multi-mic booth ADR, a minimum of 1/2 hr of chargeable studio set-up time and ADR cue prep may be required prior to the recording.

- If you want us to match voice quality and levels to material recorded elsewhere - please send us a match file.

- If you are attending, and if at all possible, bring enough script sets. We charge 5p per page if more than 20 pages.

- Editing down to individual files - we work on the basis of achieving around 70 cleaned/edited/named/checked/converted files per hour.

- Umpteen teas, coffee, juice, fruit, devilish biscuits in all studios and our vast client reception. Bought-in meals - cost +5%.

- Phone and Skype patches in all studios, inc. Skype conference calls. Skype video if warned in advance.

- Cancellation of confirmed sessions within 24 hrs may be charged in full.

- If your AP people require a PO, please let us know BEFORE we invoice. This saves SO much hassle.

There are some scoundrels around. In the "old" days a handshake was enough. Now we must do a credit check on all
    30-day account applications. Or you can opt (or may be asked) to pay by Credit/Debit card on the day.

Our seven sound studios are in what was All Souls School for Girls & Infants 1835-1908.
Much later it was home to the world famous Advision studios - who changed all the floor levels and layout. Our studios may
therefore be considered somewhat quirky!

In 2003 we bought the freehold - bringing us financial security and the ability to be here for the long haul.

There are London studios that are 300% above our prices in certain situations - throwing in meals and perhaps doing your laundry.