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As regards prices, there are cheaper studios - but in London's West End there are mainly more expensive studios - some over £400 per hour for a wild (i.e. not to picture) voice recording.  Obviously it's horses for courses, but it does make one wonder.  We have a passion for sound - not Porsches.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to client service.  Not expensive fancy meals hidden in the hourly rate (though these can be arranged and charged - at cost), but helpful, attentive, positive service and back-up support from our helpful, experienced staff.

Then there's quality.  For many years we've been renowned as having "the best voice sound in town".  It's no accident that we are still going strong whilst many competitors have fallen by the wayside.  In a past life I used to produce sessions at other other studios.  I quickly discovered the tekky tricks they used to get clients out quickly. Sounded fine in their studio - played anywhere else full of pops, blasts and edginess. Our speakers are chosen so we can hear warts and all.  That allows us to deliver material that our clients can be confident in.

I think these unsolicited testimonials speak for themselves...    Geoff Oliver - Founder/Owner

  • I was blown away by your efficiency and professionalism in getting this turned around so quickly and easily.

  • The ADR was superb. Dropped-in without a hitch. Perfect synch. Perfect match to our USA sound stage dialogue. Brilliant!

  • Just wanted to thank you all for your excellent work on our Channel Five series. It is always a pleasure to come up to the Sound Company. I am always impressed by everyone's friendly, courteous, professional and accomodating attitude. I know that our inexperienced VO artist, was particularly grateful for the support and advice she received from both Rik and Dave. I'll look forward to working with you all again soon. Best regards,

  • I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how much I appreciated your help over the last couple of days. This week I experienced difficulties while trying to co-ordinate agents and voices for a session. However, you and your team were a real joy to deal with. Your promptness in calling me back and your kindess in holding a studio right till the last minute was appreciared. During our voicing session, my producer was equally impressed with the sound quality of your facilities - and the helpfulness of your engineer. Overall, I have nothing but praise for both the professionalism of your team and your excellent facilities. Thanks again for your help.

  • Just wanted to let you know that the team at The Sound Company studios did a brilliant job of looking after us while we were there, Dom (Std 2)was a terrific engineer/producer and helped everyone to relax so they could concentrate on the VOs. Can you please pass on our sincere thanks to him for the work he did with us, as not only did we really enjoy the experience, but we are also incredibly pleased with the results which we would not have achieved without him.

  • Wow, other studios, they really don't get it. Unbelievable! Will distribute your business cards to all my agents and colleagues in New York. I'm happy to refer any London recording business to your studio as the entire experience was terrific. Thanks again!

  • Please pass my thanks to the whole Sound Company team! This week has been turbulent - even by our standards. We really value the work you all do for us. Your flexibility and absolute professionalism is greatly valued.

  • After using your studios we now realise the service from our usual studio has been frankly, atrocious.

  • The last batch of voice-over recordings are really excellent. The careful recording and judicious after- treatment was nothing short of superb.

  • I just wanted to send a quick email to say what a complete star your engineer was. I booked the studio 2 days last week and during Fridays session we had 10 children doing various recordings for the whole day in and out of Studio 5…. What do they say about never working with children??!! Your engineer was a great help to me in helping to direct the children (and get them to do the right accents!) as well as great expertise as an Engineer! Everyone at the Sound Co are always so helpful

  • Got the files from the ftp site, thank you very much. Thanks also for getting this done by end Friday, and for keeping me informed. Your customer service is top notch, and very much appreciated.

  • Thanks again for all your hard work & dedication on the German ADR. You're the best!

  • Stefanie Powers said the studio was beautiful. We both appreciated the engineer's comments & talent during the session. Thanks for making all the arrangements.

  • Everything sounds wonderful - the client and script writer were very pleased with the result. A very big thank you for your contribution in making the session such a success. It was indeed a team effort.

  • You guys are brilliant - as always!

  • At last, Geoff - someone in the UK who understands speech concatenation!

  • As a Multimedia company with a prestigious client base, quality is important to us. But, like all businesses we are under increasing pressure to be cost effective while delivering high-quality on-line training programmes in shorter time scales. The standard of the voice over and recording has a big influence on the feel of the final product, so we can’t afford to sacrifice our standards. Going to London to the Sound Company has always worked well for us and it has also often been a bit of jolly, but it does take a lot of time, which costs money. It was Geoff Oliver, who we have worked with for many years that suggested the “Remote Approach” where simultaneously, the producer and client listen in on the phone to monitor the session. All participants can communicate with each other. The result is brilliant; as nobody has to travel and the finished audio files can be transferred by FTP server extremely quickly. Of course, it will only work well if all involved have confidence in the engineer and the studio handling the technology. Geoff is one of the best. He makes sure everyone knows what they are doing, while at the same time putting them at ease. He ensures the final result is every bit as professional as visiting the studio! It’s an excellent and cost effective way to work!

  • The quality was far better than the other (nameless) studio. Your CD was much cleaner. Many Thanks.

  • Thanks again David for your hard work, your good advice, and for picking up on all those sound-related stage directions whilst you had 101 other things to think about. Quite an eye opener and much appreciated!

  • Thank you for all your hard work. I couldn't have done it without you! You are all worth your weight in gold!

  • On many occasions we required help above and beyond the "call of duty", we've always found The Sound Company to be extremely flexible and able to solve our production problems without fuss and within very tight time constraints.

  • We would have been lost without Geoff's project management and studio direction, also Geoff's advice and attention to detail on the subsequent WAV file editing meant that we have a natural sounding product that the industry recognises as the new benchmark for interactive voice systems. (Original award-winning Jaguar sat nav guidance in multi-languages)
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