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The Sound Company has seven audio studios. We record & mix voiceovers for commercials, TV programmes, radio ads, corporate videos, multimedia, training programmes and so on - not just in English, but also in languages that you may never have heard of!  Please note that we are not a music recording studio!

We have a world-wide reputation, and work on some stunning projects - some you'll hear on the radio everyday, some you'll see on TV like The One Show, Countryfile and Peppa Pig, some you'll see in the cinema - like the Aardman Early Man animated feature film - where we recorded character voices with Eddie Redmayne, Tim Spall, Tom Hiddleston, Maisie Williams... And ADR/character voices for many overseas TV series and features - from How to Train Your Dragon to Murdoch Mysteries...

Runner/Files Receivables/Bookings cover.
Thank you to everybody who applied. We had some cracking applicants. It's a shame we can't give jobs to all of you. Good luck!
1st May 2018
We are looking for somebody methodical and extremely organised! More than a "runner" - but still utlising all those skills. Someone who has already learnt from their mistakes. Someone who can be proactive and strive to pre-empt possible problems. Someone who is also happy to deal with clients and muck-in when the pressure is on.

Starting pay is negotiable depending on your skills/qualifications. There would be a salary review after the first month and third month. During that period it's up to you to prove what you are worth.

You need to be gregarious, smart - but as individual as you like in appearance, and have an intelligent and well-spoken telephone manner. Any individual in a small company can lose or keep clients by their attitude, comments or conversation. Every member of staff is effectively "front desk".

For the right applicant the job will (hopefully) evolve to suit your strengths and (any) weaknesses.

We are a small friendly team who pride ourselves on the quality of our services to clients. Being a small team, it means we cannot carry any dead wood.

If you assume that most studios offer good technical facilities - it's the client service that can make the difference. We want clients to come back again and again and again. Recommendation by word of mouth from a satisfied client is better than any advertising. The service that you will provide is as important as the service that the engineers provide.

This can also be a route to becoming a Sound Engineer if you are so inclined. Or a member of our Bookings Team...

  • Runnners are vital for the smooth running of our studio complex. They are responsible for servicing clients/actors/staff/studios as regards refreshments, lunches, clearing-up between sessions, running errands... A helpful, positive, gregarious and self-motivated runner can make SUCH a difference to us all here. To some extent the job is what you make of it. Some would see it as an endless round of menial tasks. The more enlightened would see it as making a valuable contribution towards maintaining/increasing our business. We want somebody who will stay for a while - not just move on after a couple of months.

  • Serving clients? Think vaguely silver service. At least in attitude. If you are getting a sarnie for a client, you don't just plonk it in front of them. In the kitchen you would wash your hands, unwrap it, place it on a clean plate, add a serviette and perhaps some salad garnish...

  • Emails are important - so you should be well versed in business email etiquette. We use Thunderbird as our email client.

  • We have our own File Transfer System for delivering material to clients. You will need to be able to download client material from wherever (e.g. Aspera) and check the video formats are the right type etc - and respond to clients and Technical Departments accordingly. This is an important part of the role, so hopefully you will have som relevant technical experience.

  • Ideally, you will be needed to help engineers plug & test ISDN circuits, set-up simple Pro Tools sessions, help test microphone placements and positionings - and so on and so forth.

  • We employ a daily cleaner for WC's, stairs, reception, corridors etc, but the studios are hoovered by the runners in the hope that runners will have more pride in the state of the place!! The throughput of clients dictates that you'll need to polish, dust & fine-tune the appearance of each studio - perhaps several times a day.

  • You'll have to undertake "front-line disaster" duties - such as mopping-up spilt tea/coffee and cleaning any resultant stains from carpets. You'll be expected to wash-down paintwork if grubby handmarks start to appear - and so on and so forth. Runners are also responsible for opening-up and preparing the studios in the morning and clearing-up and securing the building in the evening.

  • Using a bread machine, runners prepare fresh bread for early morning clients. New recipe ideas are always welcome!

  • There are two shifts, 08.00-17.00 and 10.00-19.00. You will have to cover the odd very early start - perhaps 06.00, and cover any late-running sessions till they finish. There may be little or no notice of late nights. You may also have to cover the odd weekend session.

  • You MUST be able to work in partnership with the other runners.

  • At busy times and during holiday periods you may be asked to help cover reception and/or the phones - so some previous experience of this sort of work could be a huge advantage. A forgotten message, or getting times/dates scrambled - could mean a lost booking - so you must have your feet firmly planted on Mother Earth!

  • You will have access to quite large amounts of Petty Cash - so you must be good with money & have a reasonable head for figures.

  • It all sounds easy doesn't it? It isn't! Physically it can be quite demanding - there are seven studios spread out over 6,500 sq ft and lots of stairs which you'll be running up and down all day. You will need to be able to carry water dispenser bottles - or at least help the other runner with them.

  • Mentally, you have to have a strong sense of responsibility and self-motivation. It's vital that you have the ability to multitask and to be able to work as an essential member of a small and vibrant team.

  • If you are the sort of person that takes "sickies" because you "play" too hard - then don't bother applying.

  • It would be helpful if you are a "foodie" interested in the arts, and with a good grasp of English grammar with excellent spelling and handwriting.

  • Runner Apply to Geoff Oliver at vacancies@sound.co.uk (not a direct email link) with your CV, a chatty and informative letter explaining why you want this particular job - and how you feel you meet the above criteria - *plus* an informal photo. Please also tell us your availability and desired salary. Include "Runner Vacancy" in the subject line please.

    It is likely we will be inundated with responses, so please don't expect an immediate reply. Many CV's are now so tweaked & "optimised" that all trace of personality vanishes. Your letter is thus very important. As are your previous full-time or part-time jobs. If your CV is over-optimistic - you will get found out eventually.

    Please no phone calls or visits to the studios.

    Applications that don't meet the above requests will be binned.

    Good luck!

    Geoff Oliver. Founder/Managing Director