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Since 1993 we've consistently won plaudits for our service & values, and for our meticulous attention to individual client needs - resulting in stress-free sessions and beautifully executed audio for broadcast TV/radio, corporate, multimedia and animation and podcasts. We have a world-wide reputation, and work on some stunning projects.

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The Sound Company audio studios

The Old School, 23 Gosfield Street, London W1W 6HG, UK

(Close to the theatrical & media heart of London, just around the corner from BBC New Broadcasting House, and a short stroll from Oxford Street, Oxford Circus & Soho.)

+44 (0)207 580 5880

From ADR to 'phone prompts, from animation series to "as live" radio discussions, from TV comm records to corporates - our operational and support teams are crafted from the finest and most passionate talent in our capital city.

Ideally located, The Sound Company excels at voice over, narration & dialogue recording - wild or to picture (inc. ADR). We're here to support you through the vagaries of talent schedules and ever-changing production deadlines

Founded in 1993 by Geoff Oliver, our seven voice recording studios are hired out together with a helpful & highly skilled sound engineer, charged by the hour, starting on the hour or half hour only. Our basic rate for recording wild (not to picture) is 130 p/h (+ VAT) which ranges up to 220 p/h for 6-line ISDN to picture. See "rates" in the top menu for more details. We also have some extra spaces which can be hired out for meetings, read-throughs, TV Media Training (with our own cameraperson)...

Our studio engineers, bookings and support teams are helpful, friendly, highly skilled & thoroughly professional. Our rates are realistic - often lower than other studios in the West End. We can do this because we own the freehold of 23 - so no rip-off escalating rents!

As preferred by most clients, to keep our basic rates as low as possible - there are some "extras" as detailed on our Rates Page. Outside of office hours and w/ends we charge extra, see Out of hours charges

A couple of years ago we installed a 12kW array of solar panels. On sunny days we are largely self-sufficient as regards power.

We can deliver in many formats - please state when booking whether you want Broadcast or louder Multimedia/Web audio levels. Normally we deliver at standard Broadcast levels - or mixes/stems at the R128 (etc) standard that you require.

Using phone/Skype/Video Skype you can direct sessions from your phone or laptop. We can then send blisteringly fast (300MB speed both up and down) audio files or PT sessions to your desktop using our own File Transfer Delivery System.

We can link-up to studios/voices globally using many types of ISDN units or Source Connect Pro - wild or picture sync.

Our seven sound studios are in what was the All Souls Primary School built in 1835 - later the famous Advision Music Studios. Fitting these studios into an old 6,500 sq ft Victorian building was a challenge, and has resulted in some characterful spaces.

Our discreet location/signage makes us ideal for recording high profile celebrities.
Also, for rehearsals, script readthroughs, castings, media training, conference room with Skype, shoots, EPK
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Recent work examples

Make loaf not war...
Fresh homemade brown or white bread/toast with lashings of butter and Marmite or marmalade - to all clients booked in before 11.00.

All areas have the finest fruit, scrumptious cookies - and more herbal/fruit teas than
The Ritz afternoon tea menu!

Lunches can be ordered in from local restaurants and bistros. And we have three trained baristas in-house!

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~ Recording sessions should function as a coalition of talents - voice artist(s), sound engineer and the client team ~